“A Dedicated Team... Committed to your Training Needs”


The URS Training & Simulation Engineering Team (TSET), formerly CATI Training Systems was initially incorporated in 1992 as Carmel Applied Technologies, Inc. CATI entered the competitive visual system providers market in 1996 with an OpenGL® Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) based image generator, X–IG®.

Today, URS′s image generators and UAV Training devices are all PC–based. URS′s image generators are specifically designed around industry-standard OpenGL®, a high performance graphics Application Programming Interface (API) and OpenFlight®, the 3D standard format for the visual simulation industry.
X–IG®, X–100®, X–Gen®, and X–TUAS® run on 100% COTS PC–based hardware and software, including Windows and Linux operating systems.