CATI Training Systems COMPRO OEM Established

Daleville, Alabama – April 22, 2009

CATI Training Systems, a provider of specialized image generation system software and databases announced today that they have signed an exclusive OEM agreement with COMPRO Computer Services, Inc., a global supplier of highly deterministic, real–time computers and simulation systems. COMPRO will now have the ability to resell the CATI product line as part of the COMPRO “SimBright™” product offering. “We have been working successfully with CATI on several projects and opportunities and are ecstatic about moving our business relationship forward”,
Richard S. DeBellis – Director of Contracts.

About COMPRO Computer Services, Inc.

COMPRO and its worldwide affiliate Encore companies are providers of mission–critical defense and commercial simulation, data acquisition, and process control solutions. COMPRO is a turnkey provider of flight simulation products and services, and offers a wide range of simulation product solutions for military and commercial customers ranging from Flight Training Devices to classroom learning systems. COMPRO products include MUSE™, an innovative simulation software suite with a state–of–the–art Graphical User Interface (GUI) Toolkit, SimBright™ Visual solutions, and Real–Time clustering for imaging, data acquisition, air space/battlefield management, and flight simulation applications. COMPRO and its affiliates provide COTS migration solutions, support services, and full logistics support for Encore, Gould, SEL, SGI®, HP®, and Sun® systems.

COMPRO was established in 1985. The company is a direct supplier to customers with mission–critical needs and a technology supplier to OEMs and Systems Integrators. Over 10,000 COMPRO systems service a world–wide base of 3,000 customers with over $1.5B of installed products. COMPRO′s North American operations are headquartered in Melbourne, Florida and Denver, Colorado. Global locations include Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Richard S. DeBellis
Compro Computer Services, Inc.
(321) 727–2211

About CATI Training Systems

CATI Training Systems is a full service modeling and simulation company that designs and develops advanced visual image generation systems with high–fidelity visual simulation terrain databases for military, commercial and UAV simulators. CATI Training System′s image generators are specifically designed around industry–standard OpenGL™, a high performance graphics Application Programming Interface (API) and OpenFlight™, the 3D standard format for the visual simulation industry.

X–IG™, X–100™ and X–TUAS™ image generators run on 100% COTS PC–based hardware and software, including Windows and Linux operating systems. CATI′s database and modeling production facility has completed and delivered 23 correlated databases comprising almost 300 million square kilometers of training capable virtual terrain. CATI Terrain Databases have validated models for EO, IR and NVS environments. Every system CATI has delivered provides unmatched user friendliness, open architecture, COTS tools and flexible interface options, all designed for ease of use, and low acquisition, overhead and life cycle support costs.


Fred Zalzal
CATI Training Systems
(334) 598–1319


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